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The Gerry Bertier #42 Foundation Hall of Fame

Captured in the prologue of the book “Remember This Titan” is the essence of what made Gerry Bertier the person he was:

“He was an original in every way. He was a man who lived the values he embraced. In the world of Gerry Bertier, integrity was not a word but a lifestyle. In Gerry’s universe duty, honor and country were coins of the realm. Determination, loyalty and devotion were his breakfast of champions. Gerry believed that kindness was its own reward.”

To honor our commitment of keeping the legacy and memory of Gerry Bertier alive, the Bertier Foundation created the Hall Of Fame Award, which recognizes a new member each year who has demonstrated these very same values.

As a symbol of this honor, each new Hall Of Fame member will receive the Bertier Hall Of Fame Blazer, The Coach Bill Yoast Trophy and will be enshrined on this Hall Of Fame webpage.

Hall of Fame Inductees

2012 Hall of Fame Inductee
William “Bill” Yoast, Former Coach of the T.C. Williams Titans Football Team
2013 Hall of Fame Inductee
Macon Sizemore, Administrative Director, VCU Rehabilitation and Research Center
2014 Hall of Fame Inductee
William McKinley MD, Director of Spinal Cord Injury Medicine