Gerry Bertier #42 Foundation


Splitsville Bowling & Movie Charity Event

Kicked off our fundraising this year at Splitsville/Paragon Village 12 Theaters in Fredericksburg, Virginia on Saturday, April 27th. Really thrilled to be partnering with this business. They are a class act and so supportive of our cause. Everyone had a fantastic time…bowling, enjoying the food, meeting Coach Bill Yoast, Coach Ric Campbell and Gerry’s 1971 Titan teammates (Kerry, SugarBabe, Mike, Bobby, Randy and Reggie), getting their autographs, pictures and asking questions and seeing the movie “Remember The Titans”. A special thank you to Kris at Splitsville and his team especially Amanda, Bridget, and Drew. No event can be successful without the dedicated support of the #42 volunteers…you are the best!!